Friday, August 17, 2012

Kid-Friendly Friday!

Good morning, everyone! It's finally Friday! Today's project is a Newspaper Sit-Upon for camping. I remember making these back in the day at Girl Scouts, for those times that we had to actually sit outside! (I think in all the years, we only went outdoor camping once. The rest of the times were in cabins, which I was definitely not complaining about!) Anyway, here it is:

Newspaper (6 full-size sheets for each)

Duct Tape (preferably one of the fun patterns or colors. I don't know why no one thought of this before!)
Scissors (not really necessary, but just in case.)

Step One:
Working with a single open sheet, fold paper in half three times. It should be about 3"x28".

Step Two:
Make five more strips the same way.

Step Three:
Weave strips tightly in the middle, as shown. Make sure that #1 goes under-over-under so that it can be folded in.
(You don't need to add numbers, but it might make it easier for kids to see which ones to work with next.)

Step Four:
Fold end #1 up and over toward #9. Continue folding the rest of the odd numbers toward the middle. Use a small piece of tape to keep the ends down and pretty flat.

Step Five:
Turn it over and do the same thing with the remaining even number strips. This is what it will look like.

 Step Six:
Your sit-upon is technically done. However, since it is just newspaper, it's not waterproof, and if you're going to be outside, it probably should be. Here's where the tape comes in. Cover your sit-upon with long strips of tape to seal it tight.

This size is great for little kids' bottoms, but probably not so much for an adult. Use 8 strips of paper to make an adult-size mat. Make sure your newspaper has enough full-sized sheet. The first one I picked up only had 5! Sunday papers probably work best.

S'more of the Day: Birthday Cake S'mores

What You Need:

Graham Crackers
Leftover Birthday Cake
Vanilla Frosting

What You Do:
Slice leftover cake into 2x1in pieces. Place cake on half a graham cracker and top with vanilla frosting. Toast your marshmallow and place on top of the filling. Sandwich together.

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