Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Out of the Ball Park!

Good morning, everyone! Today's post is a cute gift bag and card for an all-star birthday kid.

This was a really easy project to put together, with the hardest thing being picking the colors to use! Not going to lie, one of the ways I pick which team to root for is based off of their uniforms. And Seattle sure has some nice uniforms to chose from. I really like the blue, teal, and white color combinations... Of course, whatever color uniforms your team has could be used instead. Add their name and age, and you have probably the only personalized gift-bag at the party!

I like the shape card, too. When it comes to kid's birthday cards, you don't want to make them too fancy, since chances are they won't be keeping them. So I chose to keep it simple and with the theme. I think this would be a great gift bag to give to a kid who is having a sports-themed party or an kid-lete in general.
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